European leader in metal recovery

Stemin S.p.A., part of the FECS Industrial Group, is an international company operating within the metallurgical sector and a European leader in the recovery, treatment, and sales of metal scraps according to UNI and in the production of secondary aluminium alloys.

Aluminium is the true core business of the company for which Stemin S.p.A. manages the entire manufacturing process: from the recovery and revaluation of metal waste to the production and marketing of semi-finished products (secondary aluminium ingots), reaching a treatment rate of approximately 18% of all secondary recovery aluminium in Italy.

Stemin S.p.A. is among the main partners of the CONAI Consortium (National Packaging Consortium) for the supply chain consortia, RICREA for the steel sector and CIAL for the aluminium sector.

Vision & Mission

Stemin S.p.A, has always incorporated the concepts of recovery and recycling into its industrial process, combining them with its distinctive technological capabilities and a far-sighted vision.

In this way, Stemin S.p.A. in a few years has become a leader within the metallurgical sector through the verticalization of aluminum industrial processes making scraps’ recovery less impactful, environmentally friendly, and more efficient. At the same time, it has always tried to maintain a balance between economic objectives, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

Stemin S.p.A. stands out for three key success factors:




Recovering what was previously considered waste and eliminating “disposable” is the foundation of the CIRCULAR ECONOMY: a self-regenerating system of which the FECS Industrial Group is the perfect example and in which Stemin S.p.A. represents the mother of the entire supply chain.

Technological know-how

Stemin S.p.A. is one of the few European companies that, within the same production site, includes all the technologies for the crushing, volumetric reduction, separation of materials with linear motors (Focault currents), atomic absorption and specific weight flotation operations.

Continuous investments in innovation and technology have allowed the installation of the best existing systems on the market which lead to obtain a metals’ separation up to 3 mm in grain size, otherwise impossible to retrain.

Since 2017, with the advent of the casting division, investments have focused on the design and implementation of the actual two furnaces for the production of secondary aluminium alloys, giving rise to international patents for smelting innovations.

Quality & Flexibility

The ultimate company’s goal is to provide its customers with a constant and reliable supply service, ensuring high quality of the products offered thanks to the timely control at every stage of metal processing and the extreme knowledge of the raw materials market, constantly monitored both inbound and outbound.

All ferrous and non-ferrous materials, primary and secondary (and consequently the semi-finished aluminium ingots produced), before being marketed are subjected to strict quality controls in internal analysis laboratories with checks, in some cases, up to the part for million.

The certifications obtained demonstrate the constant attention applied in every phase of the production process and consequentially the customers’ awareness of dealing with a partner of absolute reliability.


In 2001 the headquarter was moved to Comun Nuovo (Bergamo), in a strategic position as one of the most important communication arteries in Northern Italy. In the new 65,000 m2 plant, approximately 120,000 tons of incoming metal waste are treated and approximately 70,000 tons / year of semi-finished products are sold.

FECS Group counts of other 3 other secondary aluminium foundries based in Ciserano (Bergamo), Nusco (Avellino) and Bucharest (Romania), producing and selling about 100,000 tons of aluminium ingots in total per year.