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CO2: Stemin SpA obtains the important ISO 14067 and ISO 14064 Carbon Footprint certifications

The organisational boundary involves the three secondary aluminium ingot foundries of the Bergamo area.
Via Kennedy, 4/A – 24040 Ciserano (BG)
Via G. Marconi, 41 – 24040 Comun Nuovo (BG)
Via Francesca, 54/A – 24040 Ciserano (BG) Radiatori 2000 SpA ingot production site

Comun Nuovo, March, 22nd 2024 – Stemin SpA continues its ESG journey adding another key piece to its sustainability roadmap.

Bureau Veritas Italia, the world leader in inspection, conformity assessment and certification services, certified Stemin SpA’s systematic approach of its product lifecycle analysis with a cradle-to-gate logic in line with the ISO 14067:2018 and ISO 14064-1:2019 standards.

ISO 14064-1:2018, implemented in Italy by UNI EN ISO 14064-1:2019, is a voluntary certification standard offering companies and organisations a systematic and internationally recognised methodology to implement and manage GHG (Greenhouse Gases) inventories’ emissions produced at organisation level to set up an effective carbon management strategy for their reduction.

ISO 14067:2018, implemented in Italy by UNI EN ISO 14067:2019, is a second certification standard that defines principles, requirements and guidelines for quantifying and reporting the Product Carbon Footprint (CFP). Based on the international standards on LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) ISO 14040 and ISO 14044, it allows the reporting of the impact on global warming generated by a product or service over its entire life cycle (in the case of Stemin SpA, certification was obtained on the pilot 46000 alloy).

“At a time when environmental sustainability is one of the most important global issues and a critical success factor, quantifying the environmental impact of our company and of our specific production plays an increasingly significant role. The information gathered thanks to these certifications is clearly and transparently communicated to our customers, retailers and financial institutions, enabling them to make informed decisions about the sustainability of our products and the work of our company. Moreover, identifying the areas with the highest emissions will allow us to implement strategies to reduce operating costs and improve energy efficiency allowing us to constantly improve our production process by investing in a conscious and targeted way for the future”.

“The entire Stemin SpA team has tirelessly worked to obtain these two important certifications allowing our company to be recognised as a supplier able of standing out on the market and building a reputation based on shared values for all our stakeholders”. Olivo Foglieni, President of Stemin SpA.

The work of Stemin SpA and of the FECS Group, of which Stemin SpA belong, will not end: corporate sustainability, energy and production efficiency and attention to social and governance issues will be as fundamental to our future strategies as they have been since the company was founded in 1999, totally in line with EU and World requirements for a better future.

Ufficio Comunicazione Stemin SpA
Via Guglielmo Marconi, 67
24040 Comun Nuovo BG