Stemin spa has published the first edition of its non-financial reporting for 2021: a symbol of the importance of ESG issues in its business model.

“This document, which is our first non-financial report, stems from the desire to share a path that we have been undertaking since our birth, an increasingly oriented path towards sustainability, not only from the production processes point of view, but also about the use of natural resources, well-being of people, inside and outside the company, and of the relationship with stakeholders and the territory in its various components. The commitment in achieving leadership in sustainability is deeply rooted in our values.

Our goal is to continue investing in new and virtuous aluminium production chains, stimulating an internal corporate and environmental culture that is increasingly responsible and receptive to sustainability issues.

For us this document not as a simple report, but an open dialogue with all our stakeholders to constantly improve ourselves, our business and our relationship with the surrounded reality “, declares President Foglieni.

For Stemin spa, the attention to the environment has been the founding value since its birth, based on the recovery and recycling of secondary raw materials, but this is not enough.

Environmental sustainability is a broader issue that concerns work, territory, people as well as the environment. This is the reason why our report is a journey within our industrial reality to understand how we are working and what else we can do.

ESG issues are fundamental for doing business in a sustainable way and accompanying the entire organization on a long-term path in which these indicators and themes merge with the real industrial strategy.

We can proudly affirm that we are building an increasingly sustainable reality by setting for ourselves challenging goals in line with what we absolutely must do to leave our heirs a world at least equal to what we found: the concrete and essential foundation of sustainability itself.

To date, recovering waste aluminium already means minimizing electricity consumption for the production itself by using 95% less electricity, avoiding mining activities and recovering fundamental raw materials for modern industry. We would like to do more by trying to minimize the impact of our industrial production by reducing emissions by 2% next year thanks to more efficient and technologically advanced systems and greater self-production of electricity from renewable sources.

For more info, the full document is available in the download section of the website.

For a better understanding of our Industrial Group here an article from Fortune Italia created in collaboration with lilimity bank (Next Generation Services for Three Markets: Business Credit, Purchase and Servicing of NPL and Direct Bank Portfolios).

“The ability to invest in innovation is fundamental for a company that focuses on sustainability and on the ability to re-use row materials,” Olivo Foglieni – President of Fecs Group.

The partnership with illimity was born in 2019 for one of FECS Group company: IMT Italia S.p.A, with an industrial vision that looks beyond the short term and focusing not only the economic growth, but also, on the development on the local territoy, the attention to research and respect for the environment.

The Partnership to date, has been consolidated in a factoring operation of 14 million.

Check the video interview of our President Olivo Foglieni to better understand our history made of tradition along with innovation.


Fortune Italia

Illimity Bank

IMT Italia

The FECS Group announces the successful merger by incorporation between the companies Stemin SpA and IMT Italia SpA.

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